FreeBSD User | VideoZine | Issue #2 | Autumn 2022

In this second issue of FreeBSD User, a Videozine for the FreeBSD Community, we have some headline news, a look at using the Raspberry Pi for a week with FreeBSD and saving electric with the Raspberry Pi 400 & FreeBSD., we check out some fun games on FreeBSD, and a look at 5 Photo editors for FreeBSD plus some comments. This is still a new project, improving and changing (or indeed regressing) , if you have any ideas, or suggestions then please drop a message in the comment section of the video. To those regular viewers there may be videos you have seen before, but as I get the handle of this, I will be putting new and exclusive content into the magazine. ----------------------------------------- Tinestamps: 0:00 - Intro 0:10 - Editorial 0:49 - News Headlines 1:38 - This Issue (Contents) 1:58 - Saving Power with Pi 13:30 - A Week with the Raspberry Pi 34:55 - FreeBSD Game Reviews 42:28 - FreeBSD Photo Apps 50:14 - FreeBSD Comments ----------------------------------------- You can view our videos on Odysee at:$/invite/@RoboNugg... ----------------------------------------- #freebsd #ghostbsd #hellobsd #nomadbsd #bsd #robonuggie 


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