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Георгий Гальцев 8 1,515 07.23 06:36

Hello, Korean OS/2 community!

My name is German.

Sorry for using English-language. I don't know Hanguel.

I hope, that you can help me.

I is collector and researcher of OS/2 history. I like any language versions of this. 

I hope, that you community can help me.

I'm interesting several questions:

1) Which was exist early Korean version of OS/2? Several sites mentione H2.0, but i don't trust about this.

2) Which was exist versions early to OS/2 H2.1?

3) Where available binary files of OS/2 H2.1? I saw someone screenshots/info, but i was don't find install files.

Also, i saw in your site English OS/2 1.1 Olivetti OEM. This is only files. I was made ditry working install disks. If you interesting this, i can upload remade variant.

Thank you for answer!

e-mail for contact: man42-kem@yandex.ru


마루 07.24 22:16

Thank you for your interest on OS/2 for Korean.
So, is it okay for you if I would send "all kinds of Korean OS/2"?
I'll send you if you think so.
Георгий Гальцев 07.25 05:57
Dear 마루,

Yes, I will be very grateful to you for any options and any information about this.
I want to explore these versions and really appreciate any help.

Thank you very much for your reply!
마루 07.25 19:52
Pleasure is mine.
I'll send you all versions of Korean OS/2 via email.
Георгий Гальцев 07.25 21:54
Thank you so much!
You can use any adress: georgijgalcev1570@gmail.com or man42-kem@yandex.ru.
I am waiting for your letter.
Thank you so much.
마루 07.25 23:15
I sent!
Георгий Гальцев 07.25 12:35
I know, that many language versions of OS/2 2.1 exist in three variants:
– with Win-OS/2 Full install
– with Win-OS/2 Upgrade
– without Win-OS/2 (Special Edition for Windows).
But i don't know any info about Hanguel OS/2.
I saw several images of H2.1 beta (with Win-OS/2 and DOS-OS/2) and saw one image of 2.1 build R206-52 in this site (i dont know, this H2.1 Beta or final release).
May be, also exist Trial-version (for example, exist Trial-version of OS/2 T2.1).
I know very a few info about Hanguel-releases.
Someone sites mentione early version.
For example: IBM site mentione H2.0.
Link: https://www-01.ibm.com/common/ssi/cgi-bin/ssialias?htmlfid=897/ENUS293-410&infotype=AN&subtype=CA&appname=skmwww
This site also mentione H2.0:
Link: https://www.ecomstation.co.kr/doc/ifs.php
May be who know more info...
마루 07.25 20:03
I have used OS/2 H2.1 only in 1994 when OS/2 Warp 3.0 was launched. At that time, I have worked in the IBM Korea and used the PS/2 PC. After OS/2 Warp 3.0 was published in the market, very few koreans knew the OS/2 H2.1.
At first, I'll send you OS/2 Warp 3.0K and 4.0K via email. 4.0K was made for CD-Bootable ISO.
마루 07.25 20:09
I got H2.1 with 3.5 diskette version in 2007 but I donated that to one user. https://www.os2.kr/bbs/board.php?bo_table=town&wr_id=84
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