Article at The Inquirer: OS/2 is 20 years old today Article at The Inquirer: OS/2 is 20 years old today

April 03, 2007 by Joachim Benjamins

Nice article at The Inquirer

OS/2 is 20 years old today: dead but still walking

snippet from the conclusion:

"Yet despite IBM, die-hard OS/2 users and programmers still refuse to let it rot. There must be something good about it, then. Shame on IBM for not open sourcing the kernel - even if it means dropping the parts co-owned by the Vole - and leaving it as an interesting toy for geeks and embedded system builders to play with. Most of the OS/2 user base, like this scribbler, have moved on to greener pastures for the daily work - my notebooks run Linux, for instance - but some of us can't help but look at those still-running OS/2 systems, complete with a functional desktop, web browser and productivity apps, and sigh with a mix of melancholy and admiration. "

Full article at:  


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